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Lost without you…Goals!


A best friend recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Both mother and son are doing exceptionally well. This new bundle of joy in our circle of friends made me realise something. WE ARE ALL WINNERS! From the moment we are born, we were assured victorious! We won! The game was over. Victory was ours. We conquered it all and after nine months of chilling in momma-bear, we’re finally out! We are winners of the greatest race we would have ever participated in.

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A supernatural date with the Jinn

Angels and Jinns

With the Jinn movie released, director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmed brought the Jinn to life… on the big screen that is. Jinns. Angels. Satan. Good. Bad. Evil! You may have heard of them. You may have not. They’re the super natural lurkers of the shadows. They’re watching you every move and if you have grown up in Fiji or India or any other parts of the world where the supernatural things are discussed, they may  be regarded as “bhoot” (read: ghost) or “saytaan” (read: the devil or shaitaan). So why have I decided to write about this? Whats so special about Jinns? It’s all to do with reading the Quran (read: Koran) and understanding the origins of the creature, which is created from smokeless fire. I decided I wanted investigate this and post my findings. After all, some religions and cultures taboo this topic, completely.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a Jinn expert. I am still learning about and researching them.

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Marriage – Arranged or Love?


love!Before we begin… check this link out. Did it blow your mind? It didn’t blow mine. I’m safe to assume that my people have invented arranged marriage!

A famous and noted scholar, Dr. William H. Doherty writes that “in the United States, researchers estimate that 40-50% of all first marriages, and 60% of second marriages, will end in divorce.” If this is anything to go by, this alone will put you off marriage!

Recently I started talking to a friend, after losing touch with him for many years. For whatever reason, he left New Zealand and took residence in Malaysia. We exchanged the usual pleasantries and then your typical interrogation questions started – what have you been up to? where have you been all these years? Do you have kids? Are you married? Yes. I’m married! I’m married to the idea of never marrying. After all, why should I? Another friend recently told me that it is better to have an arranged marriage than to fall in love! My, what a crazy thing to say. Is it? Lets explore marriages of two types from the Indian point of view.

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Where’s Your Head At??


In recent times, we have all heard of young teens and adults taking their lives because they’re either bullied, ill-treated or made to feel unappreciated and unpretty. Perhaps they also experienced a breakup from a loved one. Society looks down on those who end up severing ties with the very thread of life, not able to take the it anymore. Fortunately, for some, help is there. I am one of those lucky few who came out better off.

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